Sunday, September 19, 2010

So Many Gnomes!

So many gnomes! Let me say that one more time...So many gnomes! We've been working on Gnome for quite some time now. There are 2 interactions: Touch and Throw. And there are 3 gnomes for each interaction. Touch has Squish (touch and it dies), Explode (touch and it dies - and it kills all other gnomes around it), and Spawn (touch and it dies - and it spawns 2 gnomes at its position). Throw has Fling (throw and it dies when it collides with the ground), Target (throw and it dies when it collides with the Groundling), and Chemical (throw and it dies when it collides with another Chemical gnome - it kills all other gnomes around it).

If anybody has any suggestions for additional interactions or gnomes, please post a comment. I am interested in hearing what people have to say.

Also for each interaction, there is an interaction icon around their feet. - And it works out really well. Before these "affordance" icons were added, when a new gnomes was added into the mix (gnomes are added incrementally - starting with the basic gnomes and adding a new type after the player has killed some many gnomes), players were confused about how to interact with the new type. However, with the "affordance" icons, the game communicates appropriate interactions. To help with this training, players can interact with the Squish and Fling gnomes during the menu screen. This feature was, of course, an accident. But is certainly the best accident Gnome has experienced. I had a play-tester play with the gnomes in the menu for about 2 minutes before starting the game. - He did quite well.

We are working on getting animations from Blender into Unity (if anybody has a better clue than me, please let me know). We are working on being able to post the player's high scores to their Facebook page - this feature is so that friends can compare scores. You know, adding social play element to the game. Yep...That's it. So many gnomes!

If anybody has any ideas for the name of the game, again I want to hear them.


  1. Game name: "Gnome Gnab!"

  2. you should totally try to put bowling gnomes or something in there. like, you take a gnome, toss it, and then it rolls all the others down.